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SIMPACE Viet Nam, an IELTS- approved partner of the British Council in Vietnam, was formerly the first intensive English training institution in Viet Nam from the number 1 English language institute in the Philippines. We are hiring for our footprint in Hanoi and surroundings:


1. Job description

  • Working with students to improve their knowledge of IELTS, necessary skills.
  • Providing study practice opportunities for students in coordination with lesson outcomes and teacher expectations.
  • Providing feedback to students based on their needs and expectations.
  • Preparing for lessons with care and attention to outcomes.
  • Participating in training with a view to professional development.
  • Marking mock tests upon request.
  • Openly receiving and addressing student and client satisfaction.
  • Do spot checking at school.
  • Class observation.
  • Report monthly or quarterly about the status of the teaching development.

2. Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree level or above.
  • 2-year IELTS experience.
  • Well-developed presentation, instruction and communication skills.
  • Clear accent and pronunciation.

3. Benefit

  • Attactive income: 15,000,000VND- 30,000,000 VND gross based on actual ability and experience.
  • Be able to sign a full-time contract and enjoy health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance and other regimes as prescribed.
  • Improve training in communication skills, soft skills and relationship expansion
  • Healthy working environment, friendly colleagues.
  • Participate in team building activities, charity for the community, Tet holiday as prescribed.

Working place: To be arranged at high schools in Ha Noi city and center by Academic Department

Working time: 8h/day, 5.5 days/week

HOW TO apply

Directly email or send your cover letter and CV to: hr@simpace.vn                                

Hotline: 0862800018

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